Dispersión y Absorción de la Luz en Materiales Cromogénicos Cromog

  • Barrios Puerto, David (PI)
  • Alvarez Triana, Carlos Josue (Col)
  • Miguitama Gonza, Jose Ricardo (Student)

Project Details


General objective The general objective of this research is to solve the M4F by proposing a valid equation for the ACP parameter considering the multilayer system, which includes substrate layers and thin layers, through a least squares adjustment process between the measurements made with the spectrometer. about the SPD device and the equations used, some of which need to be investigated to complete the model when multiple device layers are taken into account. Likewise, the applicability of the M2F for said multilayer system will also be studied. When testing the general objective, the measurements made not only on the SPD device but also on other chromogenic devices such as PDLCs will be taken into account. The study of the effects of the interferences that can be observed in the measurements of T and R of the SPD and PDLC devices in the cleared states will be carried out in order to model the cause of the oscillations that occur at large values ​​of the wavelength.
Effective start/end date5/12/185/12/19


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