Diseño de una Metodología de Formación en Investigación de Estudiantes de Ingenierías Finvei

  • Llerena Izquierdo, Joe Frand (PI)
  • Ayala-Carabajo, Raquel (CoI)
  • Andina Zambrano, Michael Leonardo (Student)
  • Chela Criollo, Jessica Karina (Student)
  • Cunalema Arana, Alison Genesis (Student)
  • Grijalva Segovia, Jamilette Sedennys (Student)
  • Idrovo Llaguno, Jamileth Cristina (Student)
  • Mendez Alarcon, Andres Alejandro (Student)
  • Procel Júpiter, Fernando Salomón (Student)
  • Robalino Alfonso, Maitte Gabriela (Student)
  • Rodriguez Moreira, Bladimir Milton (Student)
  • Sanchez Morante, Fernando Javier (Student)
  • Valverde Macias, Alejandra Esteffany (Student)
  • Viera Sanchez, Nebel Fabricio (Student)
  • Flores Moran, John Freddy (Col)
  • Rocha Espinoza, Juan Jose (Col)
  • Ayala-Carabajo, Raquel (CoI)

Project Details


General objective Design a methodology through the development of research and scientific writing skills for students in the last cycles of engineering careers at the Salesian Polytechnic University, Guayaquil campus. Justification This research work is justified from the experience of working with young apprentices, from where a research training methodology for engineering students has been developed. This methodology, which has been applied in a general way in a set of undergraduate degree projects, needs to be developed and deepened, which is the objective of this research. Table 1 summarizes the articles that are prepared and their corresponding titling processes completed and others in progress, in the corresponding phase in the current context.
Effective start/end date20/02/2020/02/22


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