Dimensionamiento Óptimo de Redes Pon para Gran Número de Usuarios con Diversas Demandas de Ancho de Banda

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General objective Design and implement an algorithm for the optimal sizing of PON networks in order to select the most appropriate PON standard in a scenario with a large number of users and with heterogeneous bandwidth demand. Justification Due to the high implementation costs of traditional and new generation optical networks, there is much interest in research around the development of optimization models for the implementation of PON networks, such as those detailed in . Thus, the research project proposed in this document seeks to develop a network planning model that allows determining an optimal solution for the implementation of PON networks based on a heuristic that uses the Euclidean tree of minimum expansion, determined from algorithms to group users and route fiber optics optimally. Said algorithm will allow simulating real deployment scenarios using real city maps in order to select the most appropriate PON technology (for example, GPON, XGPON, NGPON2, UDWDM PON) for a given bandwidth scenario required by users.
Effective start/end date4/01/164/01/16


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