Determinación de las Propiedades Mecánicas del Material Ácido Poliláctico Pla Manufacturado por Impresión 3d

  • Moreno Diago, Nancy Veronica (PI)
  • Castro Rueda, Jose Fernando (Student)
  • Mancheno Moreira, Edwar Oswaldo (Student)
  • Reinoso Cardenas, Fausto Gabriel (Student)
  • Rodriguez Navarrete, Bryan Rodolfo (Student)
  • Titusunta Venegas, Hernan Erick (Student)
  • Yanchapaxi Mera, Givaldo Josue (Student)
  • Cabrera Moreta, Victor Hugo (Col)
  • Juiña Quilachamin, Luis Christian (Col)

Project Details


General objective Determine the Mechanical Properties of Polylactic Acid (PLA) Material Manufactured by 3D Printing. Justification This project focuses on generating acceptable results regarding the mechanical resistance of bending, torsion, compression, traction, which are properties of great interest due to the submission of loads in which the different mechanical elements that can be manufactured with 3D printers, equipment that are increasing their purchasing demand due to their versatility to obtain complex models. The research group, within its lines to develop, is the improvement of industrial processes in SMEs, with the proposed research it will be possible to generate adequate technical information with technology, materials and tools in force in the country so that the manufacturing industry and input suppliers can deliver quality products at an adequate cost. In the academic part, the experimental process will be strengthened with the adequate use of Mechanical Engineering laboratories, in the generation of trials and data collection by pa Part of a selected group of students who are in the process of graduating. Due to the above, the mechanical properties of the PLA Polylactic Acid material will be analyzed in order to provide the opportunity for the plastics industry to opt for the creation of resistant elements. based on a biodegradable polymer (PLA), since with the obtaining of the results it is intended to have a better knowledge about the behavior of elements manufactured under 3D printing technology.
Effective start/end date3/04/203/04/20


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