Desarrollo de Prototipo de Semáforo con Luz Led de Alta Eficiencia y Protocolo Industrial de Comunicación

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General objective Design and build a high-efficiency traffic light module based on LED light and high-efficiency DC/DC converters. The final result of the project will be the finished module on a 1:1 scale ready to be presented for consideration by the jury of the IngeniaTEC Contest. The technical specifications that the finished prototype must meet are as follows: Operating voltage: 110Vac - 220Vac Frequency: 60Hz Temperature resistance range: -10°C to 80°C Led Size: 5mm Material: Polycarbonate Approximate power consumption: 30 Wa 45 W View Angle: 30° Luminous intensity red LEDs: 945 cd to 1010 cd Luminous intensity yellow LEDs: 550 cd to 650 cd Luminous intensity green leds: 710 cd to 800 cd Additional characteristics - Degree of protection IP65 according to standard lEC 60529. - Modular made up of three sections: red, yellow and green. - Adequate design for functional maintenance. - Materials resistant to moisture, torsion and breakage. - Control system with backup battery. - Traffic management system according to the operating mode for the control of traffic lights. - Communication with the controller based on industrial communication protocol. - Adequate electrical protections. - Protection board for electrical and electronic systems. Justification Of the 43 products presented, the one most related to the research area is Traffic Light and it is desired to take advantage of the great experience gained in recent years by the GIE in the design of control and sensing circuits to apply it in the design of the required prototype. This design will also allow deepening the knowledge about high efficiency DC/DC converters which are part of the research lines of the GIE.
Effective start/end date14/01/1614/01/17


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