Comparative Study of Fast Ofdm and Multicarrier Techniques Using Filter Banks in Fiber Optic Systems

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General objective Compare Fast OFDM with multicarrier techniques that use filter banks through simulation in fiber optic networks to identify their advantages, disadvantages and their application in these networks. Justification An example is that OFDM uses a cyclic prefix to avoid inter-carrier interference (ICI), this leads to a loss of spectral efficiency of the signal, FOFDM reduces the bandwidth of OFDM by half improving spectral efficiency, but not uses complex digital modulation; multi-carrier techniques (FBMC) do not use cyclic prefix but need more digital signal processing. So what is the best option? or even more, in which application is the best option? This research will allow these techniques to be compared, allowing for better criteria in the design of future optical networks.
Effective start/end date1/01/141/01/15


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