Calidad y Transparencia de la Información Pública de los Municipios del Ecuador

  • Medranda Morales, Narcisa Jessenia (PI)
  • Caluguillin Paucar, Alex Patricio (Student)
  • Chamba Hernandez, Karol Adianely (Student)
  • Granada Quizhpe, Karen Stefany (Student)
  • Steudt, Wolf-Robin (Student)
  • Tahmasebi Dominguez, Amir Hushang (Student)

Project Details


General objective Generate an explanation that allows a broad approach to the relationship between the level of quality and transparency of the information published on the websites of local governments, the routines of those responsible for communication in these administrations, and the degree of compliance with the Organic Law on Transparency and Access to Information, to identify what needs to be improved.
Effective start/end date24/03/1924/03/19


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