Bci Braincomputer Interface System Under Cognitive Evoked Potentials Implemented in a Smartphone

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General objective Design and build a brain computer interface (BCI) for the control of a robotic arm through a smartphone implementing cognitive evoked potentials. Justification A BCI measures the bioelectric activity of the brain that can be invasive (electrocorticography) or non-invasive (EEG), then this activity is interpreted so that certain thought patterns are detected and then communicate orders to an external device. But, how to interpret those millions of synaptic connections that take place in our brain? How to know which neurons to monitor and how? How to determine specific thought patterns and how to associate them with specific orders? . These are some of the questions that research centers worldwide are trying to answer. And it is some of these questions that we set out to answer in our research.
Effective start/end date1/01/141/01/14


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