Análisis del Efecto de los Fluidos Multifásicos durante el Proceso de Ebullición de Refrigerantes Diluidos o no Diluidos con Aceites Miscibles

  • Toapanta Ramos, Luis Fernando (PI)
  • Nieto, Cesar (CoI)
  • Zapata, Sulamita (CoI)
  • Andrade Terán, Cristian Andrés (Student)
  • Bohorquez Peñafiel, Gabriel Alejandro (Student)
  • Caiza Guallichico, Alex Gabriel (Student)
  • Caiza Vivas, Luis Eduardo (Student)
  • Cholango Gavilanes, Andrea Isabel (Student)
  • Cunalata Chiluisa, Gabriel Alejandro (Student)
  • Davalos Alvarez, Emilio Josue (Student)
  • Landázuri Zaldumbide, Darío Sebastián (Student)
  • Zapata Cautullin, Jorge Alejandro (Student)
  • Quitiaquez Sarzosa, William Giovanny (Col)
  • Nieto, Cesar (CoI)
  • Zapata, Sulamita (CoI)

Project Details


General objective Analyze the effect of multiphase fluids during the boiling process of diluted or undiluted refrigerants with miscible oils. Justification This project seeks to improve the thermal performance of multiphase pure substances such as refrigerants through the characterization of the thermal transport properties of this fluid with miscible oil. The present investigative work will allow to fulfill the stated objectives, by evaluating the effects that this mixture of refrigerant causes to the flow patterns, as well as the simulation of this flow through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs, this will provide the People who work with refrigerant fluids take better advantage of the energy that this fluid possesses.
Effective start/end date25/04/1925/04/19


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