Análisis de Riesgos Naturales o Antrópicos Mediante Tecnología Geoespacial para el Control y Prevención de Desastres en el Distrito Metropolitano de Quito Dmq

  • Alvarez Mendoza, Cesar Ivan (PI)
  • Ruiz Cruz, Francisco Javier (CoI)
  • Tierra Criollo, Alfonso Rodrigo (CoI)
  • Olivarez Cahuana, Tatiana Lorena (Student)
  • Pazmiño Montero, Solange Abigail (Student)
  • Tierra Criollo, Alfonso Rodrigo (CoI)
  • Ruiz Cruz, Francisco Javier (CoI)

Project Details


General objective Analyze the risks through Geospatial technology for the control and prevention of natural disasters in the Metropolitan District of Quito (DMQ). Justification Through research with this project, we seek to use different geospatial tools such as unmanned aerial equipment or drones, differential GPS, Geographic Information Systems, among others, in order to help the General Secretariat of Security of the DMQ, specifically to the Risk Management Directorate of this, has to have studies and investigations with the aim of being able to prevent possible natural disasters that can be generated in the city. Thus, one of the main objectives of the research is to generate a parameterized model that allows to evaluate the sinking of constructions and relate it to the time in which it can occur or be undermined and also look for measurement alternatives in slopes for landslide prevention. the main avenues of the city. The project will be generated for 12 months with the main objective of being able to expand it in the following years to other areas in order to support the management and prevention of risks in the city and later in the country.
Effective start/end date5/03/205/03/20


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