Actualización de Redes de Fibra Óptica Multimodo de Corto Alcance para Altas Tasa de Bits

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General objective Increase the reach of a multimode fiber-based network, by using new optical fibers to upgrade them for higher bit rates Justification The increase in services to users such as data, voice, video, catv, home automation, among others, has led to an increase in the capacity of the networks that provide these services not only because of their bandwidth but also because of the speeds at which they must work as users require real-time services. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to increase the capacity of the legacy networks with MMF and make them compatible with the new optical fibers for the new transmission paradigms and thereby increase the capacity of these networks and update them. However, this is achieved by improving the transmission characteristics of the legacy MMF to achieve high transmission speeds and update them against the demands that the market requires. This improvement came hand in hand with an optical equalization that will allow maintaining high transmission speeds for real-time processing and the easy implementation of new modulation techniques.
Effective start/end date11/06/2011/06/20


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