Actividad Alexítera de Especies Vegetales Amazónicas Fase 1

  • Tapia Hernandez, Wilson Fabian (PI)
  • Barragán, María Elena (CoI)
  • Cueva Pungacho, Jenny Veronica (Student)
  • Leon Cardenas, Karen Priscila (Student)
  • Muñoz Carrion, Ronalt Cristian (Student)
  • Reyes Cordova, Michael Xavier (Student)
  • Zumba Abdo, Magaly Estefania (Student)
  • Karolys Gutierrez, Germania Margarita (Col)
  • Barragán, María Elena (CoI)

Project Details


General objective To determine the alexitera activity of extracts of existing Amazonian plant species in the vicinity of the Seville Don Bosco biological station.
Effective start/end date1/02/161/02/16


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