Pedagogía en Don Bosco y Freire. Un análisis sobre el Sistema Preventivo y la educación liberadora

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The pedagogy developed by Don Bosco and Freire originates in two different moments in history, but there are certain similarities in the political, social and economic reality experienced by these two great thinkers, in fact their context is similar by be characterized by an environment of exclusion, inequality, exploitation, illiteracy and poverty, where the State is the main promoter of repression and guarantor of the status quo of those who hold power and control the country's economy. Therefore, the present work assumes the objective of analyzing the pedagogical approaches of Don Bosco and Freire, which from a hermeneutical methodology is interpreted and exegested all the documentation collected to approach the most significant contributions of these positions and find the various parallels in his pedagogical works that are presumably antagonistic. It is concluded that both pedagogical reflections, which belong to two different moments in the history of ideas, agreed on the fact that it was necessary to develop an education that would allow them to change the reality of the always excluded, they opted for the preference option of the poor, as Jesus did at the time, not only questioning the repressive system of his time both at the political and educational level, but also devised and gave his life to the integral formation of the human being from a new pedagogy.

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