Novel approach sizing and routing of wireless sensor networks for applications in smart cities

Esteban Inga, Juan Inga, Andres Ortega

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Citizens are expected to require the growth of multiple Internet of Things (IoT)-based applications to improve public and private services. According to their concept, smart cities seek to improve the efficiency, reliability, and resilience of these services. Consequently, this paper searches for a new vision for resolving problems related to the quick deployment of a wireless sensor network (WSN) by using a sizing model and considering the capacity and coverage of the concentrators. Additionally, three different routing models of these technology resources are presented as alternatives for each WSN deployment to ensure connectivity between smart meters and hubs required for smart metering. On the other hand, these solutions must reduce costs when this type of wireless communication network is deployed. The present work proposes various optimization models that consider the physical and network layers in order to integrate different wireless communication technologies, thus reducing costs in terms of the minimum number of data aggregation points. Using a heterogeneous wireless network can reduce resource costs and energy consumption in comparison to a single cellular technology, as proposed in previous works. This work proposes a sizing model and three different models for routing wireless networks. In each case, constraints are evaluated and can be associated with different real-world scenarios. This document provides an optimization model that encompasses all of the proposed constraints; due to the combinatorial nature of the problem, this would require a heuristic technique.

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