Mini-grid data storage and management cloud computing for smartgrid architecture, apply in Ecuador electrical network

M. Duque, F. Llulluna, N. Chang, A. Aguinaga, T. Moreno, N. Jara

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© 2016 Avestia Publishing. In this paper, we pretend to create a logical way to managed a mini-grid and micro-grid architecture that can be implemented in Ecuador Electrical Network; this architecture will allow to increase the electrical efficiency. In Ecuador, 70% of the electricity is not harnessed for multiple reasons, between them, the long distances for distribution and also because all electrical network is unidirectional. We are working to obtain the maximum advantage by creating a stable and hold architecture by using the internet of things and Smart Grid topology. Each Mini-grid can generate, produce and transmit energy toward hard demand places. Many countries join efforts to produce many smart-grid standards, but we are researching to change this target, the main goal is the mini-grid and microgrid approach, for this way, we can transform many homes in an electrical mini-generators which can allow electricity to inject in a network; reducing losses, increasing the efficiency to redirect the electricity for needy places without modify the current network and leave out the services provider. To achieve these goals, all electronic devices of the house must be connected to the internet and managed through a self-sufficient cloud APP. Can you imagine just one house with solar panels in the roof, wind generators and other devices that can generate electricity, and inside the home, all things interconnected between themselves (i.e. TV, Microwave, heating system, opening and closing doors, dishwasher, washing machine, lights and so on) all this functions we will manage through the web APP, which can enable and disable each devices or can redirect the energy remainder outside the home; reducing losses for stock and transmission the energy, that is usually expensive and profitless.
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EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2016
EventoInternational Conference of Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics -
Duración: 1 ene. 2016 → …


ConferenciaInternational Conference of Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics
Período1/01/16 → …


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