Ku zrównoważoności energetycznej: Analiza strategii ekwadorskiej

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The exploitation of renewable energy sources is a tactic adopted by several states around the globe to achieve a sustainable development. Many countries are looking forward the integration of this type of energy into the traditional power system by the beginning of the next decade to reduce the greenhouse gases emission and consequently lessen their effect in the climate change. However, this integration involves studies at technical, environmental and political levels. This article aims at identifying and assessing the level of incorporation and performance of the alternatives clean methods for generating electricity into the national energy system. It presents a quantitative analysis of historic data to better understand the gradual insertion of renewable sources to the electric energy production. This study also comprises a qualitative analysis of the projects executed so far by the Ecuadorian Government to accomplish the compliance with the long-term policies defined in the Master Plan of Electrification 2013-2022 released by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy in 2013. The outcomes of this research shows that the measure taken in the last sixteen years by the administration are aligned with the guidelines stated in the strategic planning proposed for the decade from 2013 to 2022.

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