Estado nutricional de infantes que asisten al centro de desarrollo inicial Totoracocha, Ecuador

Jefferson Espinoza Diaz, Nancy Neira Tapia, Luz Morquecho Pauta, Tannya Esquivel Valencia, Lorena Castillo Apolo, Gabriel Mendieta Marcillo, Myriam Chacha Ulloa, Diana Reimundo Díaz, Félix Freire Rivera, Doris Palacios Vargas, Pamela Culqui Culqui, Guillermo Espinoza Rodríguez

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Objective: To evaluate the nutritional status of infants who attend the Totoracocha Initial Development Center, Ecuador. Materials and methods: It was a descriptive and crosssectional study in children under 5 years of age who attend the mentioned center located in Cuenca, Ecuador; during the period February to July 2015. The information was obtained through the application of a previously validated questionnaire and anthropometric measurements were taken from all participants; determining weight, height, and body mass index. Results: Of the 404 children evaluated, 53.2% (n=215) were female, 59.2% (n=239) had a normal weight and 27.5% (n=111) were at risk overweight, 2.2% (n=9) suffered from acute malnutrition, 31.2% (n=126) had chronic malnutrition. Regarding the most important habits, 98% (n=396) received more than 3 meals a day, 50.2% (n=203) consumed food rich in saturated fat at least 3 times a week, 69.6% (n=281) consumed sugary drinks 2 times a week, 56.2% (n=227) did not participate in any sports, and 33.9% (n=137) watched 3 hours or more of television. Conclusion: There is a high frequency of chronic malnutrition, as well as the risk of overweight in children under 5 years who attend the “Totorocha” Initial Development Center (located in Cuenca, Ecuador); 2 potentially reversible stages within the spectrum of childhood weight disorders which are necessary to identify and address in a timely manner in children of our locality.

Título traducido de la contribuciónNutritional status of infants attending the totoracocha initial development center, Ecuador
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