Complejidad, transdisciplinariedad y pedagogía decolonial. Bases epistémicas para una reforma curricular educativa

Susana Elizabeth Salinas Gaona, Johan Méndez Reyes

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Education in our societies continues to be anchored in a curriculum founded on the paradigm of modern rationality that not only fragments knowledge but also maintains a linear relationship between the educator and the student in its pedagogical conceptions, therefore, it is urgent to devise a pedagogy that develops a new dialogical rationality through inter and transdisciplinary encounter not only with science itself, but also with other knowledge, building a new decolonial epistemology. In this sense, this study has the general objective of characterizing complex thinking in third year students of the General Unified High School of the “Lic. Miguel Salinas Educational Unit” of the San Antonio de las Aradas parish. Supported by a quantitative and qualitative methodology, it is hermeneutics for the interpretation and understanding of what is observed, from a non-experimental descriptive purposeful design we worked with a population of 25 students, collecting the information through a questionnaire with 13 items for this article. It is concluded that the thought of complexity, transdisciplinarity and decolonial pedagogy are the epistemic bases for an educational curricular reform that promotes trans and interdisciplinary work in educational spaces.

Título traducido de la contribuciónComplexity, transdisciplinarity and decolonial pedagogy. Epistemic bases for an educational curriculum reform
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  • Complexity
  • Curriculum reform
  • Decolonial pedagogy
  • Transdisciplinarity


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