Medición de carbono del estrato arbóreo del bosque natural Tinajillas-Limón Indanza, Ecuador

Carlos Alberto Jumbo Salazar, Carla Daniela Arévalo Delgado, Lenin J. Ramirez-Cando

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To stablish the efficiency of the forest in the subject of ecological services and ecosystems functions, involve to discover the conditions to set its performance, which ones that keep the relationship with the functional characteristics of the vegetable species, in order to contribute with knowledge about this requirements, it takes the present investigation, considering the behavior of the species in the performance of the environment, or habitat, important value, interactions, intra- and interspecific, in order to reach and determinate the quantity of the stored carbon in the arboreal stratum of the natural forest Tinajillas, located in the south east Andes range in the canton Limon Indanza, Morona Santiago province, in order to reach it, we apply the suggested method for the support manual of the National evaluation of Ecuador, and the professional forest judgment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, with this results of the investigation, we stablish that in the 118 ha forest, the volume of the timber is 1 3570 m3, it means 115 m3/ha represented in the majority of the Family species Melastomataceae, in this one is the Miconia sp. The quantity of the stored carbon is 4 835 tones, and the result is 41 tones per hectare. The Family, Melastomataceae has more quantity of carbon (13 tones per hectare), then the specie with more quantity of stored carbon is Miconia sp, with a value of 8 t/ha the result of the indices of the important value in favor of this species and judging for the edge of the natural classes, it understands that the forest is in a period of the vegetable sucetion, situation that contribute to generate an important dynamic in the way to capture Carbon.

Título traducido de la contribuciónCarbon measurement of the arboreal stratum of the natural forest Tinajillas-Limón Indanza, Ecuador
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EstadoPublicada - 1 mar. 2018

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  • Carbon
  • Climate Change
  • Forest
  • Forestry species
  • Gases of the greenhouse efect


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