Capacidad e integración fotovoltaica en edificios mixtos de mediana altura en la región ecuatorial andina

Paula Flores-Chafla, Daniel Pesantez-Peñafiel, Esteban Felipe Zalamea-León, Edgar Antonio Barragán-Escandón

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This research analyzes photovoltaic roofs in a medium-size mixed-use building, evaluating solar technologies for different levels of architectural integration, with the goal of achieving maximum energy self-sufficiency and emission reductions. The implemented methodology collects and analyzes data from temporary electric consumption readings of electric meters with a quarter-hour resolution, electricity consumption sheets, and registration of the demand for liquefied petroleum gas through surveys. The electric consumption of the building is analyzed using current occupation data and the projection of photovoltaic installations is done considering the theoretical usage of different technologies. Computer tools are used to find the adaptability and photovoltaic occupation, and to simulate the electrical production, showing the consequences of architectural integration. The findings of the study show that it is possible to incorporate 338.4 m2 of mono crystalline silicon modules, reaching a production of 196.8 kWh/m2 /year and potentially reducing 47.2 t of CO2 per year. It is estimated that energy self-sufficiency can reach up to 99.72% with current levels of electricity consumption. However, if the added electricity from the conversion of fuel consumption in the building to electricity is considered, extrapolated to the maximum possible user occupation and inclusion of electric chargers for vehicles, this estimate is reduced to 27.85%. This demonstrates that there is a significant potential for introducing solar energy sources in Ecuador, given the high and stable average annual insolation of the country. However, state policies and the lack of incentives and support limit the incorporation of these systems.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPhotovoltaic capacity and integration in mid-rise multifamily buildings in the Andean equatorial region
Idioma originalEspañol
Número de artículo9307
PublicaciónArchitecture, City and Environment
EstadoPublicada - 2021

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  • BAPV
  • BIPV
  • Multifamily building
  • Solar roof


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