Apuntes para una pedagogía decolonial e intercultural

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The need to build a pedagogy that seeks to value the different non-Western cultural, social and philosophical expressions is becoming more evident every day, so the present study aims to reflect on the fundamental aspects to develop a decolonial and intercultural pedagogy, for this from a hermeneutical perspective, an interpretation of different writings is presented that allow an approximation to the topic addressed. Likewise, it is concluded that a type of education is required that articulates with epistemological and methodological tools others that promote not only the dialogue of knowledge but also the formation of an autonomous, critical subject, capable of relearning to think, feel and act from what intercultural and decolonial to build from other spaces and fissures (cracks); real and concrete possibilities of new forms and styles of citizen life that allow us to tackle the challenges posed by globalization and the coloniality of knowledge.

Título traducido de la contribuciónNotes for a decolonial and intercultural pedagogy
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  • Globalization
  • Interculturality
  • Pedagogy decolonial


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