Analysis of emotions in the use of augmented reality technologies in education: A systematic review

Mónica D. Gómez-Rios, Maximiliano Paredes-Velasco, Ruben D. Hernández-Beleño, José A. Fuentes-Pinargote

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Currently, the availability and usefulness of computer applications developed supporting the teaching–learning process have increased and are progressively being used in different branches of education. Given the importance of emotions in learning, it is appropriate to review the influence of the use of technology in this field. Out of the many existing technologies, augmented reality (AR) has been of great interest to this study due to its great potential in learning. Therefore, the present study carries out a systematic mapping, whose objective is to review how AR technology influences the emotional state of the student in the learning process. The study indicates that the application of AR technology has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the use of AR on students produces enjoyment and interest due to visual feedback provided by AR, enthusiasm about the use of innovative technology tools, and curiosity when they view and interact with virtual objects in 3D. The attractive visualizations used and feedback generated by AR applications can reduce the cognitive load and increase student motivation in the learning process. On the other hand, AR may present some negative aspects, such as ergonomic problems, which produce that users prone to dizziness or nausea may reject the use of AR devices and a complex interaction when users must use multiple devices. Besides this, it should not be forgotten that their application may entail technological requirements and associated costs that may be difficult for some schools to afford.

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PublicaciónComputer Applications in Engineering Education
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