Vector analysis of a four-phase induction machine

Julio Viola, Flavio Quizhpi, Gustavo Parra

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In this work a vector analysis for a previously designed four-phase induction machine (4P-IM) is addressed. The set of equations that models the 4P-IM is developed and used to obtain simulations of the machine performance when it is started with a balanced four-phase voltage system which is obtained with a special transformer arrangement. The topology of a four-phase voltage source inverter (4P-VSI) is analyzed prior to be connected to the machine. Simulations and experimental results are obtained when the 4P-IM is started with the 4P-VSI. © 2013 IEEE.


Conference2013 IEEE 4th Latin American Symposium on Circuits and Systems, LASCAS 2013 - Conference Proceedings
Period1/07/13 → …


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