Propuesta para el Uso del Aula Invertida en las Clases de Matemática

Translated title of the contribution: Proposal for the Use of the Flipped Classroom in Mathematics Classes

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Following the approach to the subject is the article "Proposal for the use of the inverted classroom in mathematics classes", presented by Jhon Hermison Arias Rueda and Carlos Alberto Romero Romero, who analyze the effects generated by the COVID-19 pandemic in the educational community, in the teacher-student relationship. On the one hand, the student, accustomed to face-to-face classes, has had to get used to sitting in front of a computer or a mobile device that allows him/her to receive classes and on the way has found a series of distractions offered by the same technology, which has become difficult to control. On the other hand, the teacher has had to adapt to new e-learning platforms, has had to test his digital skills, has been forced to evolve rapidly for the innovation of teaching processes and to maintain the attention of his students. This scenario has made mathematics classes even more difficult, an aspect that motivates the authors to develop an inverted classroom methodological proposal based on the Moodle V3.9 learning management system for teaching mathematics at the higher level.
Translated title of the contributionProposal for the Use of the Flipped Classroom in Mathematics Classes
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Title of host publicationExperiencias docentes en tiempo de pandemia
PublisherEditorial Universitaria Abya-Yala
Number of pages30
ISBN (Print)978-9978-10-626-6
StatePublished - 8 Feb 2022

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