Power quality analysis of a low-voltage grid with a solar photovoltaic system

Bryan G. Salvatierra, Diego H. Dominguez, Diego Chacon-Troya, Walter H. Orozco

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


© 2017 IEEE. The generation of electricity through renewable sources has exponentially increased in recent years in response to environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels. When we talk about renewable energy is difficult not to refer to solar photovoltaic technology due to its high rate of growth compared to their peers and potential. This is associated with the fact that the Ecuadorian government is implementing a process of changing the production and country's energy matrix where one of the fundamental pillars is to eliminate dependence on fossil resources and promote the use of renewable energy. Therefore, this makes clear that it is important and needed to study the effects and possible problems that entails the use of photovoltaic systems connected to the network. In this context, this work focuses on power quality by connecting photovoltaic plants to low-power electrical distribution networks. The evaluated system is composed of a group of panels of different technologies connected to a communication unit that forms the connection point of the photovoltaic system and the electric network. Measurement and data acquisition in real time of the implemented system and the respective analysis was made by considering the existing regulations. Finally, a mathematical analysis was performed in order to analyze the impact of the most important variables on power quality.
Translated title of the contributionAnálisis de calidad de energía de una red de baja tensión con un sistema solar fotovoltaico
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 12 Jun 2017
EventCanadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering - Windsor, Canada
Duration: 30 Apr 20173 May 2017


ConferenceCanadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
Abbreviated titleCCECE 2017


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