Perspectivas de cubiertas fotovoltaicas y arquitectura en contextos urbanos patrimoniales

Translated title of the contribution: Architectural perspectives and photovoltaic roofs in heritage urban contexts

Esteban Felipe Zalamea-León, Juan David Mena-Campos, Maria Soledad Moscoso-Cordero, Edgar Antonio Barragán-Escandón, Pablo Méndez-Santos

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Objective To estimate electric self-sufficiency through added or integrated photovoltaics (PV) on roofs jointly with heritage and architectural implications analysis. Discussing the impact associated with achieving energy democratization, observing consequences of typical PV technology with crystalline solar cells products, more efficient, mature and economical, compared to new "architectural" PV products developed for mimicry, less efficient, costly, and involving to remove the authentic original coating tiles. Methodology Through three-dimensional BIM roof diagrams, the overall solar potential is estimated, and this with respect to own demands. Self-generation margins are projected with locally validated PV production models. Then, through photomontages the relative impact of cristalline PV solar products as well PV tiles, observing the relative impact from different urban perspectives. Conclusions PV crystalline solar panels superimposed on roofs could reach electrical surpluses, between four and twenty times. PV roof tiles also would cover a very high demand with substantial surpluses, between two and nine times. From an architectural perspective, it has been shown from urban perspectives, crystalline solar panels are not being noticeable when buildings have more than two floors, but in one floor buildings or from distant and aerial perspectives the impact is significant. From street point of view and urban scale, PV roof tiles, despite having been created for mimicry, also have an effect on one floor buildings, specially in near sight view. Originality The originality of this work lies besides estimating the urban solar potential widely analysed in the literature, to counterpose conservation and authenticity aspects, against renewable energy integration consequences. These aspects have not been analysed jointly in the literature so far we know.

Translated title of the contributionArchitectural perspectives and photovoltaic roofs in heritage urban contexts
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)185-210
Number of pages26
JournalArchitecture, City and Environment
Issue number38
StatePublished - Oct 2018

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