La preventividad como un método educativo en contextos de adversidad y de emergencia educativa

Translated title of the contribution: Preventivity as an educational method in adversity and educational emergency contexts

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In the framework of the health crisis produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, a set of problems that were already occurring in today’s society emerged and became visible. One of the multiple problems is the one referred to the educational field. Which must be analyzed and worked from various approaches. In this article we try to focus attention on two areas: The first, the reflection on the relevance of prevention, as a method, in contexts of precariousness and educational inequality, and the second, to determine the perception of young university students regarding the educational response and of accompaniment carried out by teachers and by the leaderships created by the students themselves as mechanisms to face the troubles from the pandemic. To achieve the aforementioned, we resort to qualitative methodological traditions (interviews) that allowed obtaining data in this context of educational emergency. Among the main findings, we register the value that young university students place on teacher support during the times of global health crisis. Concluding that all educational action marked by preventivity is recognized for being collaborative.

Translated title of the contributionPreventivity as an educational method in adversity and educational emergency contexts
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)59-71
Number of pages13
JournalEstudios Pedagogicos
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2020

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