Incidencia de la Motivación en la Producción Científica Institucional

Translated title of the contribution: Incidence of Motivation in Institutional Scientific Production

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Understanding motivation as the main factor for the actions of an individual, this article aims to address the motivational factors involved in the decision of a teacher towards scientific production and the formation of research groups in the career of Business Administration at the Salesian Polytechnic University - Guayaquil. We also want to explore the approach that would have the scientific production of teachers and how this approach is aligned with the lines of research of the career and the headquarters. The work presented in this article included a quantitative and a qualitative research. The first one was directed to full-time professors of the Business Administration career and the second one was directed to managers involved with research policies at the headquarters and in the career. The objectives were directed towards the determination of the current situation of scientific production in the career, as well as to examine the factors that motivate teachers to get involved in research and scientific production processes. The results show that although it is true that there is a lack of knowledge of the regulations and processes associated with scientific production, there is a high motivation in this regard. The motivational factors are varied, but almost 60% of the teachers do not focus on monetary issues, which is encouraging.
Translated title of the contributionIncidence of Motivation in Institutional Scientific Production
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)67-89
Number of pages23
Issue number6
StatePublished - 21 Jun 2016


  • Administration
  • Motivation
  • Scientific production
  • Teachers

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