Explicit model of PV cells considering variations in temperature and solar irradiance

Jose Aller, Julio Viola, Flavio Quizhpi, Jose Restrepo, Antonio Ginart, Andres Salazar

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© 2016 IEEE. This paper presents a direct and approximate model of PV cell that considers variations in surrounding temperature and solar irradiation. The method uses the one diode model approximation and PV parameters from the manufacturer's data, together with a selective (first or second order) Taylor series. In this paper, a recursive solution for the PV cell's complete implicit model equations supplies data supporting the proposed approximate method results. The proposed model allows adjustment of the MPPT algorithm to simplify in real time the inverter control algorithm. It also provides a way to find the temperature and solar irradiation or errors produced by nonuniform irradiation on the solar panels.
Translated title of the contributionModelo explícito de células fotovoltaicas teniendo en cuenta las variaciones de temperatura e irradiancia solar
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 27 Jan 2017
EventProceedings of the 2016 IEEE ANDESCON, ANDESCON 2016 - Arequipa, Peru
Duration: 19 Oct 201621 Oct 2016


ConferenceProceedings of the 2016 IEEE ANDESCON, ANDESCON 2016
Abbreviated titleANDESCON 2016


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