Experimental evaluation of a NG-PON2 network

Acosta O. Maria, Marco Yacelga-Pinto, German V. Arevalo

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© 2018 IEEE. The next generation passive optical network, stage 2 (NG-PON2) constitute milestone in the optical access networks evolution. Currently the requirements of its physical layer, such as a 40 Gb/s of upstream/downstream capacity, using a hybrid WDM-TDM technology with reliability and efficiency in bandwidth and power consumption. The NG'PON2 standard also demand an Optical Distribution Network (ODN) backward compatibility with previous ITU-T PON standards. In this paper we provide a comprehensive way to understand NG-PON2 improvements and present an experimental demonstration of a NG-PON-2 compliant network deployment, employing BER and Optical Path Penalty (OPP) measurements, in order to verify the performance of different inter-channel spacing variations for determining its impact in the data transmission. Results show that there is a 3 dB penalty when using 0.2 nm of inter-channel spacing with respect to a 0.4 nm of inter-channel spacing.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 17 Dec 2018
Event2018 IEEE 3rd Ecuador Technical Chapters Meeting, ETCM 2018 -
Duration: 17 Dec 2018 → …


Conference2018 IEEE 3rd Ecuador Technical Chapters Meeting, ETCM 2018
Period17/12/18 → …


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