Ética Aplicada a Procesos de Contratación Pública en el Sector Eléctrico

Translated title of the contribution: Ethics Applied to Public Procurement Processes in the Electricity Sector

Christian Orlando Pillajo Simbaña, Jeverson Santiago Quishpe Gaibor

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


The objective of this article is to establish the ethical conditions to which public servants are governed, and what are the regulations that entail those responsible for public procurement in the allocation of contracts that are assigned by the state to the private companies, which seek to do jobs for the state and thus achieve profits. An investigation about public procurement is presented and what are the effects that bad assignments of contracts, such misassignments are considered to be poor evaluation criteria to participating companies, that is, the purely financial aspect (cost) is not evaluated also the fulfillment of technical norms and quality, the absence of these can cause overpricing and deficiencies at the time of the fulfillment of the same, which happen to be economic damages to the state.
Translated title of the contributionEthics Applied to Public Procurement Processes in the Electricity Sector
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)1-7
Number of pages7
JournalRevista Caribeña De Ciencias Sociales
Issue number2019
StatePublished - 30 May 2019


  • Electricity sector
  • Public contracting
  • Public servant
  • Surcharges
  • Tenders

CACES Knowledge Areas

  • 314A Administration


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