Estrategia de Capacitación Profesoral Activa y Formación Profesional Pedagógica

Translated title of the contribution: Active Teacher Training Strategy and Pedagogical Professional Training

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The complexity of the educational reality requires the constant training of education professionals in the training of future teachers. The objective of the work was aimed at socializing a strategy on training from the application of active pedagogies in the pedagogical professional training of Education students. Based on a fundamentally qualitative methodology, the approach to teacher training was produced from the case study. Methods derived from analysis and synthesis in vocational training were combined, together with induction and deduction. Participant observation of the teacher training process, interviews with key informants on the needs of the training, as well as the bibliographic review of updated sources, normative documents, academic reports and other basic texts in the study of the subject were applied. The training process was conceived as a case study from the analysis of fundamental theoretical aspects related to the professional training of the teacher of Initial education and Basic Education. As a result, it was perceived that the training program allowed to deepen in contents of transcendence related to the professional training of teachers and the strategies to be used for its effective execution. It is concluded that training in the domain and deepening in documents and active techniques is a fundamental premise for the elaboration of feasible and necessary strategies in the pedagogical training of teachers.
Translated title of the contributionActive Teacher Training Strategy and Pedagogical Professional Training
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)1109-1122
Number of pages14
JournalMendive. Revista de Educación
Issue number20
StatePublished - 22 Jun 2022


  • Active pedagogy
  • Educational and didactic strategies
  • Pedagogical vocational training
  • Strategy of teacher training

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  • 111A Education


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