Del aprendizaje en escenarios presenciales al aprendizaje virtual en tiempos de pandemia

Translated title of the contribution: From face-to-face learning to virtual learning in pandemic times

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Confinement forced humanity to carry out radical pedagogical and social transformations, generated new scenarios and ways of life in which the use of new technologies prevailed; physical spaces were replaced by virtual spaces; Telematics became the new channel of communication and information, telework and tele education were forged. The objective of this document is to reflect on the implications of the shift from face-toface learning to virtual learning in times of pandemic; aims to understand the different realities of the educational community by reviewing data on school dropout, internet connectivity, etc. It is a descriptive research, it points out educational-social aspects that occurred in virtual environments during the health emergency. The collection of information was carried out through the bibliographic-documentary search fed from the direct observationexperience of the social context. The present work is divided into five parts: the first part, describes the importance of education in virtual scenarios; the second part, narrates learning in virtual classrooms; the third part, reflects on the disadvantages of virtual learning; The fourth part exposes virtual education as a factor of social inequality, and finally presents the challenges of virtual learning in times of pandemic.

Translated title of the contributionFrom face-to-face learning to virtual learning in pandemic times
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JournalEstudios Pedagogicos
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StatePublished - 2020

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