Creating an Ontological Networks to Support the Inference of Personality Traits and Facets

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© 2018 IEEE. Nowaday, several researches focused on human beings have highlighted the importance of considering the psychological factor as part of their profile to understand their performance and behavior. The objective of this article was to create an ontology of the psychological profile that considers the personality traits and facets of the user that incorporates concepts and properties to formally model the user's profile. For the construction of our ontology we use the NeOn methodology. In addition, for the development of the ontological network, relevant ontologies have been taken into account in the scientific field focused on the domain of the user such as: FOAF, VCARD and SKOS. By means of an alignment of these ontologies with a central module of personality traits and a specific module for the integration of the IPIP Test NEO-PI-R, it has been possible to efficiently interoperate the profile information. In the experimentation phase it was possible to obtain the SPARQL query traceability to obtain the registered responses of a person in the IPIP Test NEO-PI-R.


ConferenceProceedings of the 2018 IEEE 25th International Conference on Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computing, INTERCON 2018
Period6/11/18 → …


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