Cambio de la Matriz Cognitiva como Arista para la Formación de la Persona en el Ecuador

Translated title of the contribution: Change of the Cognitive Matrix as Edge for the Formation of the Person in Ecuador

Floralba Del Rocio Aguilar Gordon, Julio Rosero Guillén

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


This article reflects on the curriculum and the cognitive matrix of the educational model currently guiding Ecuadorian education, taking Gabriel Marcel's personalist vision as a reference. The paper proposes to rethink the different dimensions of the educational task, emphasizing the main postulates of personalism, which as a philosophical current allows the revaluation of man and education, promoting the centrality of the person as opposed to the pragmatic, economistic and consumerist formation that today's society has promulgated as its ultimate goal. The first part analyzes the anthropological vision that guides current Ecuadorian education, taking as a reference some postulates expressed in the National Plan for Good Living 2013-2017 and the National Development Plan 2017-2021. Toda una vida, and different postulates established in the 2008 Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, in the Organic Law of Higher Education and other regulations related to the educational proposal. The second part reflects on Gabriel Marcel's personalist proposal and its implications in the Ecuadorian educational task and in the integral formation of the human being, having the person as the fundamental center of social development. In the third part, the advantages and disadvantages of a personalist anthropological proposal of integral education in Ecuador are analyzed.
Translated title of the contributionChange of the Cognitive Matrix as Edge for the Formation of the Person in Ecuador
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)15-38
Number of pages24
JournalRevista Cátedra
Issue number2
StatePublished - 7 Jul 2019


  • Curriculum
  • Education
  • Gabriel Marcel
  • Personalism
  • Training

CACES Knowledge Areas

  • 111A Education


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