Una Nueva Mirada Hacia la Ética en la Sexualidad y su Impacto en la Sociedad Actual

Translated title of the contribution: A New Look At Ethics In Sexuality And Its Impact On Society Today

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Today society is full of liberal ideas that dominate people's behaviour, often leading to an incorrect understanding of sexuality and a tendency to confuse ethics with moralism. The good and the bad do not depend on our subjective or social assessments, but each person is aware of what is good and bad, therefore, there are good sexual behaviors and other bad; moreover, ethics should not be considered linked to dogmatic or religious beliefs, but as something independent. Just as every function that our body has sexuality has its functions that we could not say for sure is good or bad, depends on how each person uses it, so determining what is ethical and what not, within sexuality depends on the training that has been obtained. If we talk about unethical behaviors within sexuality we could mention topics such as sexual abuse, sexual violence, exhibitionism for commercial purposes, all kinds of deception or victimization, the use of sexuality in a non-responsible way with risk for oneself or for our partner, the exercise of power through sexuality, the teaching of a distorted, unreal and lying sexuality. It is important to reflect on this subject based on love, responsibility, mutual trust, dialogue and of course the most transcendent and important action that gives us sexuality for a better personal, family and social value.
Translated title of the contributionA New Look At Ethics In Sexuality And Its Impact On Society Today
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Pages (from-to)1-15
JournalRevista Caribeña De Las Ciencias Sociales
Issue number1
StatePublished - 30 Jan 2018


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