Use of ICT in the Teaching Learning Process of the English Language as a Foreign Language

  • Guanuche Alban, Adriana Jeanyne (PI)
  • Alvarez Pulupa, Diana Natalia (Col)
  • Borja Diaz, Carolina De Lourdes (Col)
  • Carrion Montalvan, Bimba Katiuska (Col)
  • Chiriboga Tixe, Maria De Lourdes (Col)
  • Cuzco Lugmania, Luis Gustavo (Col)
  • Quinata Encarnacion, Lourdes Del Rocio (Col)
  • Reyes Valladares, Alexandra Valeria (Col)

Project Details


General objective Implement the use of ICT in the teaching-learning process of the English language through the use of virtual environments for the development and continuous improvement of foreign language skills. Justification Currently, educational systems worldwide face a great challenge when using Information and Communication Technologies to provide students with the necessary tools that favor and reinforce knowledge, in this particular case, of the English language. ICTs are having a great impact on the educational world, it is a process that at the moment allows improving the quality of teaching. .In the present research work, in order to improve the teaching-learning process of the English language, ICTs are planned to be implemented through the use of virtual classrooms, digital exercises and their different tools in order to continuously develop and strengthen the various skills of the English language.
Effective start/end date1/01/201/01/22


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