Transformations in the Socio-educational Practices of Indigenous Youth of the Ecuadorian Sierra Centro as a Result of Internal Mobility

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General objective To analyze the changes and transformations that have taken place in the socio-educational practices of indigenous youth from the central Ecuadorian highlands as a result of internal mobility. Justification In this direction, it is expected to contribute to the debate on the indigenous, the indigenous youth and the transformations of the Andean indigenous community in the framework of the new ¿rurbanities¿ as current and pertinent issues, above all, because in the last 10 years mobility internal has been increasing, this as a result of the penetration of programs and projects of various kinds sponsored by cooperation agencies and the State itself. In short, the entry of programs and projects not only mobilized resources and support, but also promoted and stimulated the mobility of community members, thus generating displacement both territorially and in the socio-cultural practices of the community members and in a special way in the youth sectors.
Effective start/end date2/10/132/10/14


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