The New Social Subject of Responsible Consumption Case of Food Products in the City of Quito

  • Izquierdo Maldonado, Carlos Maria (PI)
  • Morillo Borja, Nicole Alexandra (Student)
  • Vaca Aguirre, Ivan Patricio (Col)

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    General objective Characterize the elements that allow building the profile of the socially responsible consumer as an ideological factor of the Social and Solidarity Economy and strategic agent of sustainable development, in the field of processed food products in the city of Quito. Justification The Social and Solidarity Economy is in the process of theoretical construction, therefore, it is imperative and pertinent for social organizations and the academy in particular to arrive at a theoretical conception of the new social subject of responsible consumption, as an instrument that makes possible the achievement of the goals and objectives of sustainable development in general, particularly the reduction of social inequality and environmental degradation.
    Effective start/end date10/05/1710/05/17


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