The Commercialization and Distribution of Baskets of Organic Products of the Casa Campesina Cayambe Analysis of the Market in Quito and Distribution Strategies

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General objective Design a direct marketing and distribution project for organic products linked to the Fundación Casa Campesina Cayambe, based on the results of the market study applied to potential consumers in the city of Quito. Justification The study is justified due to the importance of a healthy diet that also arrives without intermediaries and to a public willing to buy regularly in the city of Quito. This type of project contributes to the objectives of Good Living, of food sovereignty, since it allows small organic producers to concentrate on profitable market niches, avoiding falling into distribution networks of intermediaries, which guarantees their sustainability over time, allowing that many peasant families do not abandon the countryside and have access to decent income.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/19


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