The Borders of the State Region Imaginaries and Social Struggles in Quito 1992-2010

  • Torres Davila, Victor Hugo (PI)

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General objective Demonstrate how the territorial dynamics of the city-region of Quito that was consolidated in the last two decades of the century, XX with the declaration of Metropolitan District, establishes the structural limits of the Nation-State, in the sense that national interests are conditioned for regional interests. Justification The argument is that the declaration of the Metropolitan District of Quito updated the conformation of the modern city-region, stimulating the effective incorporation of the regional economy into the world economic system. , accentuating urban segregation and territorial inequity as a consequence of the implementation of municipal policies, since in two decades the Quito habitat went from being the predominant area of ​​¿social reproduction¿ to becoming the territory of organization of ¿social production¿ ¿. The consequent local governance became complex and fragmented, due to the conflictive nature of urban dynamics and to the fact that the social struggle occurred at the interface between the nation-state and the city-region, since, in the Ecuadorian case, the displacement of from the national to the local as happened in other countries.
Effective start/end date30/09/1330/09/14


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