Testimonies in Motion for a New Epistemological and Methodological Horizon of the Ethnography of the Body

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General objective Investigate the ways in which the marking of the subject as another body takes place, through the exploration of different ethnographic mechanisms. Justification The interest in the subject arises from the professional practice in psychotherapy and Anthropology, spaces from which the verbalization of those bodies marked and silenced by the stigma of mental disorder is observed. This research also requires guaranteeing the construction of a dialogue space that makes it possible to reflect on the limits of predominantly verbal intersubjective communication that reaffirms a dominant subjectivation system. Hence, the thesis explores the testimonies of people marginalized by mental diagnosis through the use of their testimonies, part of these also conceived as marginal: their bodies in motion.
Effective start/end date30/09/1330/09/14


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