Territoriality Climate Change and Socio-environmental Conflicts in the Sierra Centro Norte of Ecuador

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General objective Establish the central correlation between climate change, deterioration of fragile Andean ecosystems linked to rural family economies (peasant and indigenous) in the Central-Northern Sierra of Ecuador and dynamics of socio-environmental conflict. Justification The resilience of these peoples in the face of climate change has two components: resistance to adversity -the ability to remain whole when subjected to great demands and pressures-, and the ability to deal with difficulties, learn from defeats and rebuild, creatively, transforming negative aspects into new opportunities and advantages. In a word, all complex adaptive systems, at any level, are resilient systems. As well as each person and community and the natural system to which it is linked. The risks that arise with global warming or the greenhouse effect, with the scarcity of fresh water, with the deterioration of fragile ecosystems such as moors, must be properly understood in order to being able to be seen less as failures and more as challenges, which invite us to change substantially and which will enrich the life of these localities. Having elements that guide the development of adequate resilience strategies and creative outlets is the central purpose of this project.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/18


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