Técnicas Metaheurísticas para Estimación de la Matriz Origendestino Aplicado a Redes de Transporte y Telecomunicaciones

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General objective Design a model based on metaheuristic techniques that allow estimating the origin-destination matrix, to solve problems of vehicular traffic and telecommunications networks. Justification For the modeling of the traffic flow problem, the OD matrix will be used, for the estimation of travel demand, a new method based on Meta-Heuristic Algorithms (MH) will be created, where the original problem is transformed into an optimization problem, searching successively for the best solution among a set of feasible solutions. With the new methodology, the problem of updating the values ​​of the parameters corresponding to the travel demand functions is formulated as one of optimization whose objective function corresponds to the minimization of the deviation between the observed values ​​of traffic flows and the estimated ones.
Effective start/end date2/01/172/01/17


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