Study of the Effect of the Stiffness of the Stairs Module in Regular Reinforced Concrete Structures, Structural Steel and Mixed in terms of Seismic Behavior

  • Lopez Machado, Nelson Andres (PI)
  • Loyaga Villacis, Vicente Miguel (Student)
  • Tupiza Samueza, Victor Geovanny (Student)

Project Details


General objective Study of the effect of the rigidity of the stair module in regular structures of reinforced concrete, structural steel and mixed, in terms of earthquake resistant behavior. Justification It arises from the need to demonstrate to future engineers and current calculators that calculating buildings taking the stair module as a simple transmission of reactions as an equivalent system directly affects the location of the centers of rigidity and centers of mass of any building, even though it is regular. The vast majority of the calculations are made by placing the stairs module in another mathematical model. as much as possible to the reality of the behavior of the building. The transmission of loads from the staircase as an isolated mathematical model to the structure in general, creates a secondary effect when designing the beams that support the landing of the same, since, by transmitting vertical reaction loads, the torsion effect generated is obviated. by the rest, which can even generate a design of these beams that does not have an adequate section or adequate reinforcement. It is necessary to encourage calculation engineers to avoid simplifications in high-risk areas, and to model the structures in the most realistic way possible, since with this the building will behave in an adequate way, translating into the most important design premise for a calculation engineer, the safety of the structure against seismic events.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/19


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