State of the Art Indigenous in Urban Contexts

  • Torres Davila, Victor Hugo (PI)
  • Enriquez Leiton, Susana Elizabeth (Student)

Project Details


General objective Interpret the different disciplinary trends of the social sciences that have produced academic materials on the indigenous presence in the urban contexts of Ecuador. Justification Urban indigenous peoples is an apparently little studied subject, however, an approach to its bibliography shows a growing academic production, although it is dispersed in themes, disciplines and with little dialogue between them. The state of the art of this theme is proposed as a contribution to inter and trans-disciplinary knowledge about the various presences of indigenous peoples, nationalities and organizations in intermediate and large Ecuadorian cities, and it is expected to be useful for teachers and students in general. of the UPS, and in particular to those involved in the activities of the UNESCO Chair on Indigenous Peoples in Urban Contexts, having an academic text that condenses their analytical and interpretive tendencies.
Effective start/end date11/06/2011/06/21


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