Standardization of a Protocol for the Isolation and Quantification of Genes for the Expression of Anthocyanins in Three Varieties or Ecotypes Belonging to the Genus Rubus Collected in the Province of Tungurahua

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General objective To standardize a protocol for the isolation and quantification of genes for the expression of anthocyanins in three varieties or ecotypes belonging to the rubus genus collected in the province of Tungurahua. Justification In order to quantify Anthocyanins, molecular techniques and advances in Biotechnology have allowed the development of various alternative methods, which provide advantages in terms of efficiency, sensitivity and reduction in detection time. These rapid methods, being based on the determination of nucleic acids, have the potential to be very specific. Such is the case of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique and the RT-PCR (Real Time PCR) technique, both molecular technologies based on in vitro DNA amplification; the latter has the advantage that it simultaneously carries out the amplification and detection processes in the same vial and that it determines the amount of DNA synthesized at each moment of the reaction.
Effective start/end date27/09/1327/09/14


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