Smarttechic 2019 First International Conference On Smart Technologies Systems And Applications

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General objective Strengthen the scientific production of innovation and research projects in the university community by organizing an international congress with indexed publications. Justification Under these initiatives, the coordination of the Research Group in Bioengineering and Biomechatronics - GIByB, from Headquarters-Quito, has promoted strategic alliances that facilitate cooperation and collaboration for the development of research projects through inter-institutional collaboration networks at the national level. and international, also seeking to contribute to the investigative processes at UPS, as a result of this work, has been invited to organize the next edition of this event (Annex 1). Similarly, the coordination of the GIByB group has constantly participated as a reviewer/evaluator (member of the scientific committee) of articles submitted to various editions of TecnoLógicas v, I feel this is an open access scientific journal, edited by the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano de Medellín, created to promote the dissemination of knowledge that leads to improving academic training and professional practice in the fields of engineering and applied technology. The TecnoLógicas journal is a peer-reviewed publication, which uses a double-blind peer review system. Publish original and relevant research, review or reflection articles in the area. This journal is included in LatinIndex, Scielo, Redalyc, WoS, among other databases. Therefore, through these important links, effective cooperation has been consolidated for the development of scientific activities (Annex 2), promoting scenarios that contribute to improving the investigative processes in the institution. This is how, considering the high incidence of participation of UPS researchers in projects already executed and to be executed, and with the purpose of facilitating the increase of the indexed scientific productivity of some research groups and the visibility of the strengths of the researchers at Headquarters-Quito, the coordination of the GIByB research group proposes an initiative that promotes the strengthening of scientific production in the UPS for 2019, for this purpose this proposal is presented, which is based on the implementation of two strategies: the organization of the first edition of the SmartTech-IC 2019 conference at the Sede-Quito with the inclusion of works with extended versions to be published in the TecnoLógicas Journal, as well as the implementation of a publication methodology through the selection, advice, monitoring and support in the writing of the articles to different researchers belonging to the research groups that have reported completed work, with preliminary results that have not yet been published.
Effective start/end date25/03/1925/03/19


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