Simultaneous Optimal Compensation of Active and Reactive Powers in Electrical Microgrids Using Heuristic Techniques

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General objective Design a new model of electrical generation dispatch for Microgrids through heuristic optimization techniques that consider the cost of reliability for frequency stability. Justification The main impact is evident in the notable decrease in economic losses for electricity supply companies, in addition to the impact on the improvement of power quality variables, such as the voltage profile and the power factor at the point of supply. network connection. This research is novel since today the trend is to install distributed generation at the distribution level, this practice injects active power into the network, however, the power factor seen from the substation deteriorates, therefore, the need to simultaneously compensate active power and reactive power. Assuming that fp=cos∅, with an increase in compensation only of active power while the reactive power delivered by the network remains constant, the electricity trading company upstream of the system would be seeing an increase in the angle of the power factor, which results in a decrease in the power factor (PF) seen from the network, this is due to the fact that the medium voltage distribution network does not have another type of capacitive compensation, due to the fact that the distribution networks present short distances to transport power, voltage levels below 34.5 kV and the largest component of conductors are bare wires. The electrical variables of analysis in this research are closely related and highly dependent, therefore, it is necessary to analyze the simultaneous compensation of both powers (active and reactive) to guarantee improvement not only in efficiency, but also in the quality of electricity. the power in the analysis system for compensation.
Effective start/end date3/04/203/04/20


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