Platform for Multichannel Acquisition of Electrophysiological Signals and Multimodal Stimulation

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General objective Develop a technological platform for multichannel acquisition of electrophysiological signals and multimodal sensory stimulation. The development of the system consists of implementing software and hardware components that allow the integration of multiple multichannel acquisition modules of electrophysiological signals, allowing the simultaneous capture of Electroencephalography (EEG), Electromyography (EMG) or Electrocardiography (ECG) signals. In addition, the system will allow the integration, in software and hardware, of sensory stimulation modules. The platform to be developed will support researchers in the definition of experimental protocols evaluating cerebral, muscular and cardiac electrophysiological signals in sensory stimulation scenarios and will also support students from both universities as an introductory tool to the treatment of electrophysiological signals. This project will address the construction only of the auditory, visual and somato-sensitive stimulation modules. Justification The project is based, first, on the need for biomedical engineering laboratories to develop technological tools for the study and treatment of electrophysiological signals, since these allow them to: i) carry out research and innovation aimed at clinical needs in a wide range of diseases such as hearing loss, cerebrovascular accident (CVA), Parkinson's (PD), autism, etc. (detailed in the background section) and ii) carry out educational activities aimed at students and teachers, who venture into Biomedical Engineering applications. The project also seeks to address the need to investigate and generate innovative technology in areas related to the well-being of society, of high impact and great potential for technology transfer. The research groups, the Biomedical Engineering Research Group (GIIB-UPS) and the Biomedical Signal and Image Processing Laboratory (LAPIS-UFRJ) seek in this project to generate and share technical and scientific knowledge that transforms on a technology basis for the future implementation of electro-medical equipment or devices that can be incorporated into the clinical environment.
Effective start/end date22/11/1822/11/21


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